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Terms & Conditions

Please read all the terms and conditions of Sangam listed below and it may not be limited to this.

The terms 'Sangam' and 'Sangam Fort Wayne' means the same.

Sangam Board members are listed in the About Us page.

Membership Fees

  • Membership is annual.

  • Membership fees is for calendar year (01-Jan to 31-Dec.)

  • Membership fees is due on or before 31st March of every calendar year.

  • Membership benefits include discounted tickets for all events conducted by Sangam and additional gifts at the Diwali event.

Refund policy

  • Membership fees is not refundable.

  • Tickets sales are final and not refundable. 


  • Anyone attending Sangam events are required to follow the rules and regulations of the venue.

  • Sangam Board will not be responsible for any non-adherence and its consequences.

  • If the venue does not have free parking, the attendees have to pay for the parking.


  • In order to promote local business, Sangam Board might have booths setup at the events, in which case Sangam Board will not be a middle man for any products or services sold by the vendor. 

  • Sangam Board will not be responsible for the transactions, issues with the products or services.

  • Sangam Board will not be responsible for the vendors terms and conditions, return or refund policies.

Lost & Stolen

  • At any Sangam event, Sangam Board is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen.


  • It is impossible to cover all the scenarios that could happen, so Sangam Board reserves the rights to any thing that is not covered here.

  • Sangam Board also reserves right to anything that is mentioned here and would review things on case by case basis.

  • Sangam Board reserves right for all decisions.

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